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About Sherri

Selling your home within the amount of time you have available, while still getting the optimum price for it, is easier when you have experience working for you. Here's where I put my local knowledge to good use by helping you determine a price that is favorable, yet competitive for your house and neighborhood.

We'll review things you can do that will help your house sell (see Staging), and I'll make sure that your house is marketed energetically to the best possible audience of buyers.

I'll help you as offers come in by reviewing, advising, negotiating on your behalf and working to get the best price and most beneficial transaction for you. Here are some things to consider:

1. Preparing Your House
Making a good first impression to real estate agents and buyers is key. Before your house even goes on the market, I can point out things that will improve your house's curb appeal and keep buyers interested.

2. Marketing To Buyers
Establishing a listed price, getting the facts about your house right, advertising in the right places, using the best ad wordings and working with agents representing buyers, are all part of marketing your house. The benefits of your house, your neighborhood and your community are things I'll make sure the buyers know.

3. Offers And Closing
Every offer has potential, and it's my job to review it with you, make suggestions, explore options and give you all the facts you need to make your decision. Negotiating the best transaction for the situation takes experience, and I'll put my knowledge to work for you. As questions come up about appraisals, earnest money, conditions, inspections and all the other pieces of the puzzle, I'll be there to help you understand them, and to help you do your best.


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