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About Sherri

Real estate in this area has been very active lately, and buyers are purchasing homes for many reasons. Bigger houses for growing families, downsized homes for retirement, weekend getaway homes and properties as investments are all part of the mix.

Each area I serve has something different to offer and its own set of home prices, property taxes, schools, shopping, and features to consider. Together we'll find a neighborhood and a home that's right for you.

As a smart buyer, you know that the home buying process comes in 3 phases. First there's the "getting ready to buy" phase, then there's the search, and finally there's the actual transaction. Here are some things to consider:

1. Knowing What To Expect
It's good for you to browse web listings and become familiar with homes and neighborhoods, but be sure to also start doing your financial homework first. If you need help on any of this, just contact me:

  Check your credit rating, to catch any troublesome errors early.
Pencil in an amount you can handle for down payment, and monthly payments including mortgage, insurance, taxes, etc.
Determine what your total closing costs are likely to be, including:
  1. Lender fees (for loan processing, underwriting, preparation and setting up an escrow)

2. Third party fees (charges for insurance, title search and inspections)

3. Government fees (for deed recording and state & local mortgages taxes

4. Escrow and interest fees (including homeowner's insurance, loan interest, real estate taxes and occasionally private mortgage insurance)
Find the best loan program for you and help you with your pre-qualification or pre-approval

2. Finding Your Home
Once you have a good understanding of your financial guidelines, you can establish a price range that works for your budget. Then we can start reviewing your preferred neighborhoods, house sizes, and other things that will help refine your search.

The distances to schools, work and shopping need to be considered, as do the prices of homes in the areas, architectural styles, ages of homes, sizes of lots and other important details. Together we'll review the local homes for sale and visit the best ones. When we find the right one, I'll help you put together an intelligent offer that gets you the most for your money.

3. Buying Your Home
Much of the success in buying a home for the right price relies on knowledge of the local market, knowledge of the local lenders, and an organized communications style. The years of experience and successful home transactions I've accomplished will add a level of confidence to your home purchase that few other agents can match. And for something as important as a new home, you really want experience on your side.

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